Overview of the Assessment List for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (ALTAI)

What does ALTAI do and how to use it?

Interactive Plots with Bokeh/Holoviews (and Hugo)

Bokeh and Holoviews are an amazing set of libraries to help us visualize data in an intuitive and interactive way. Here you'll learn how to use them to

'wget' Files From Google Drive (+ online tool)

Working with different datasets across machines, in Google Colab, Kaggle Kernels or your own notebooks we sometimes need to transfer large files - from datasets, to other random fragments. A relatively easy and repeatable way to move files across is to use Google Drive. Alternatively use ‘scp’ if the platfrom supports it! So, let’s assume that we have a file on Google Drive that we want to locally access. We can create a wget compatible link and use the cli to fetch it!

How to Remember Your Bash Spells with 'make'

Very often we find ourselves changing parameters of scripts or googling what was the right combination of bash commands. What’s the best way to remember those? Let’s take for instance running a machine learning project in a docker container. We all love reproducibility, and we should all do reproducible science. Because you know, otherwise it´s not science. Docker abstraction To build a consistent runtime environment we can use tools like python virtual environments, anaconda, or Docker.

Interview during my PARC Internship

It was an amazing time, working with some pretty cool folks that really expanded my world views. You can find the full interview here.

Maximum Likelihood Estimaton on Pixel Classification

Introduction The task in computer vision is usually connected with identifying different object, segmenting regions of interest and classifying them. Remote sensing is the process of acquisition of data, usually about he Earth surface, through processes that do not involve physical contact. Today it is usually done through aerial sensor technologies that detect and classify objects on the ground. They are split into active remote sensing (when energy is transmitted into the environment) and passive.

Swarm Intelligence - follow these simple rules

It has been shown that the collective action of many simple-governed agents is capable of producing behaviour that is beyond the capabilities of each individually. Mainly, the decentralised coordination between individuals, has been studied in naturally occurring swarms such as ant and bee colonies, flocking of birds and herding of other animals. It can easily be concluded that the overall group behaviour is highly complex and cannot be generated by a single individual.